It is now almost a month after I returned from a wonderful trip to Las Vegas, where I was a performer at the 2012 NFA flute convention. I played a wonderful Brazilian sonata from 1959 by Brenno Blauth; I highly recommend this piece as it is flashy, beautiful and so much fun to play. It is a definite crowd pleaser and relatively unknown in America and Europe. It was a pleasure sharing the recital with amazing flutist and friend Michel Bellavance and wonderful flutist Alice Dade. I was touched to see dear friends and colleagues in the audience and thank everyone who was there. Not to mention reconnecting and playing in duo, after so many years, with pianist Jensina Oliver.

The convention was great in many other ways as well, with great programming by chair Zart Dombourian-Eby! I heard a wonderful performance by Jennifer Grim of an beautiful work by Las Vegas composer Virko Baley. It was just stunningly played, and keep in mind hat Jennifer was working full duty at NFA as well!

At the gala night it was amazing to hear Amy Porter performing the incredible new Concerto for flute and orchestra “Trail of Tears” by Michael Daugherty! What a piece! This was followed by two gems by Mozart, the Andante and the Rondo, the first played by legend of flute Peter-Lukas Graf, the second by one of the most elegant players I know and dear friend Aldo Baerten.

It was such a pleasure to meet and make friends with Peter Verhoyen. Watching him teach and perform was inspiring and heartwarming. What a warm soul and what a piccolo player. One of the best I have ever encountered.

It was great seeing and hearing old friends, like Rogerio Wolf (wonderful rendition for flute of Dvorak’s 4 Romantic Pieces for violin and piano), Nicole Esposito and Eva Amsler. It was also wonderful to meet so many new friends and inspiring flutists from all over the globe. Horacio Parravicini, became a good new Italian brother and I hope to see him many times in the years  to come. Magda Schwerzmann palyed traverso so beautifully I could hardly stand it and it was so great to get to know her personally for the duration of the convention. 

I would like to thank my dear friends of my beloved Muramatsu Flutes! Thank you for your constant friendship and support and for taking care of my flute in the most special way!

It was also amazing to reconnect with my dear friends of Miyazawa flutes and Haynes flutes. You truly care about flutists, and the instruments you make reflect it.

Thank you to my dear friend Tobias Mancke, the maker of the worlds greatest head joints. Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing head joints out there,  but Toby’s head joints just do it for me! I do blame him for keeping me out too late enjoying good wine. Or should I thank him?

Thank you to my amazing friend and owner of Flute Center of New York, Phil Unger, who always provides good flutes, good times and has helped millions of flutists world-wide find their instruments!

It was a great and inspiring flute convention and I look forward to the next in New Orleans.